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300+ Best Travel Websites and Resources in 2020

Travel better and smarter for less with this incredible collection of 300+ of the world’s best travel-related websites and resources. Here are the most visited travel sites from around the world, brought together in one place, categorized by topic and ranked by popularity. You won’t see travel planning as a burden anymore.

Stop wasting time on search engines. Instead, add this page to your favorites! It will become your reference to help you: ⭐ Book flights, hotels and car rentals; ⭐ Know the alternatives in terms of accommodation and travel; ⭐ Plan your next destinations at the best price; ⭐ Find activities for your next destinations; ⭐ Find and share extraordinary travel experiences; ⭐ Save a lot of time and money; ⭐ And much more!

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Your support is truly appreciated.

Home Sharing (12)

House Swap (4)

Banking & Budget (9)

Trip Planners (8)

Tours & Activities (15)

Travel Communities (7)

Work & Travel (7)

Maps & GPS (10)

Useful Travel Apps (10)

Photos & Cloud Storage (7)


How to use this tool?

To refine your results, several options are available to you:

  • Use the search box to make a quick find;
  • Select any category of interest;
  • Filter sites by keyword;
  • Locate the ⭐ next to my favorite sites. They won’t disappoint you ?

Note: although most sites are global, some of them are specific to one or more countries.

How were these sites selected?

This compilation of travel resources is the result of countless hours of research that have raised Poly as an expert in travel planning. The flawless world tour he organized for my own family is a testimony to this.

We selected these sites based on the criteria of popularity and added value for our readers.

The site’s popularity

Marketing obviously contributes a lot to making a product or service popular. But without a value proposition, a website can’ t stay at the top for long. The most popular sites therefore generally have a superior service offering that sets them apart from the others.

On this page are listed the most popular websites in every category, which will meet most of your travel needs:

  • Your flight, hotel and car rental reservations;
  • Your housing and transportation alternatives;
  • Your time and money savings options;
  • Your insurance and travel fund management;
  • Your tools to help you better plan your next trips;
  • Your meetings and interactions with locals and other travelers;
  • Your need for new inspiration;
  • And your other travel-related needs.

The value we bring to our readers

A most popular site is not necessarily the best. Thus, there are some less popular sites that offer a service with a potential to take it to the top of the list.

For your best interest, we have included several less popular sites that you will appreciate, simply because we also appreciate them personally!

How are these lists ranked?

Establishing a ranking of the best travel sites is an intrinsically flawed process, as it is totally subjective. 10 people can do it in 10 different ways.

That’s why we preferred to do it in an objective way, using the Alexa site that ranks websites from all over the world according to traffic.

Is this method reliable? Traffic is one indicator among others. It is not necessarily better than another. Alexa’s traffic measure is by no means the most accurate and is certainly not flawless. But we chose this indicator because it is free and open to the public.

The websites are therefore not ranked in terms of quality, but in terms of popularity. This criterion remains consistent in each list, which implies that the best sites do not necessarily rank first in their respective categories. That said, we are confident that the site samplings in each category do represent the best sites in their category overall.

The traffic of a site can evolve rapidly. Some sites will disappear and other sites that will prove more valuable to travelers will appear, ensuring that you get periodically updated lists. That being said, traffic patterns are not likely to change dramatically. It is therefore quite likely that the lists will not change much from one update to the next.

How to submit a site to these lists?

If you know of essential sites that are not included in these lists, or if you would like to suggest new categories, please feel free to submit them to us via the contact form. If we believe they are relevant here, we will happily add them.

Please note that we will be particularly selective, as this page is not intended to be an exhaustive and worthless travel directory. Please understand, therefore, that we will assess the sites submitted to us according to the same combined criteria of popularity and added value to our readers, in line with the sites currently listed here.

Any comment?

We love hearing from travelers from all over the world. Feel free to tell us how our site has helped you make your travel arrangements easier by commenting below, or by sending us a message on our contact form or via Facebook.


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