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Safari at the Omega Park – a Must-See in Quebec

For an unforgettable family experience in the heart of nature, culture and history of Quebec, plan a one-day safari at Omega Park! Located between Montreal and Ottawa and open year-round, the park gives you the opportunity to admire all of Canada’s wild animals in one place and in their natural habitat. It’s a major attraction in Quebec!


Omega Park

The Omega Park, what is it?

Omega Park is a wildlife sanctuary where hundreds of animals can be seen moving freely in wide open spaces.

You can discover elk, caribou, white-tailed deer, roe deer, bison, wild boar and wild geese.


A deer


Alpine Ibex



You will also see wolves (black, grey, arctic), arctic foxes, mountain goats, moose, coyotes and bears (cayenne and black). These are kept behind fences for your protection and that of your vehicle.




Black Bears


Arctic Wolves

The Car Tour

The particularity of the Omega Park is that it must be visited by car. Yes, you just have to drive the 15 km of way-marked roads in the comfort of your car!


At the entrance of the Park

To make the experience more enjoyable, you can bait the deers with carrots. Get close to them and they will approach you. Roll down your windows all the way and they’ll stick their snouts into your car to satisfy their voracious appetite for carrots.


Feeding the animals with carrots


The Car Tour

Warning: don’t roll down your entire window or you’ll be covered in dripping drool!


The Car Tour

Tip: Plan on several kilos/pounds of carrots. You’ll be surprised how quickly they’ll disappear, especially when you realize that you’ve used up half of them in the first 5 minutes after you enter the park.

Forgot your bags of carrots at home? No stress, you can buy some at the park.


The Car Tour


The Car Tour


The Car Tour


The Car Tour


The Car Tour


The Car Tour

The car tour is one-way and takes about an hour and a half to complete. You can drive around the park as many times as you wish during the day.

But the Omega Park is not just a place to visit by car. It is also possible to car park to stretch your legs and make the fun last.

The Land of The Pioneers

Halfway along the journey, park your car and discover the Land of the Pioneers. In this area, the park offers a host of activities to entertain both young and old for a large part of the day.

Visit this area on foot and enjoy various activities, playgrounds and picnic tables.

Observe the grey wolves on the footbridge set up for this purpose. Learn more about them by asking your questions to the guide-interpreter.


The Land of The Pioneers


The Land of The Pioneers


A walk to the old farm

Take the walking trails that lead to the old farm, in company of white-tailed deer. Children are likely to enjoy the chickens, pigs, ponies, rabbits and donkeys.


The Old Farm


The Old Farm


The Old Farm

Usually wolf and bird of prey shows are presented. However, due to the Covid-19, these performances have been temporarily suspended.


Grey Wolves

The First Nation Trail

Once again, you can get out of the car and appreciate the history of the 11 First Nations of Quebec, represented by a series of totem poles made by an Native American sculptor. The trail built around a lake filled with large trouts and turtles is simply magnificent.


The First Nation Trail


The First Nation Trail


The First Nation Trail

The Site Map

To help you plan your next visit, here is an overview of the itinerary that awaits you at the Omega Park.


Omega Park Site Map

Location of the Omega Park

The Omega Park is located in Montebello, a small and easily accessible town, 1.5 hours from Montreal and 45 minutes from Ottawa.



For several years now, we have been renewing our family experience at the Omega Park. Each year, the park’s offer is more and more attractive, particularly with accommodations featuring a panoramic view of a pack of grey wolves. Moreover, the animals are always well and healthy.

Generally speaking, the park shows signs of good management and we recommend it to you without hesitation!

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Omega Park

Omega Park

Omega Park


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