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From our travels, we like to collect as many priceless memories as possible, with the money we invest and the time we devote to it. Maximizing the value of our travels while minimizing their costs – this is the principle that has allowed us to experience an incredible world tour as a family without any regrets.


We are aware that “Slow Travel” is gradually gaining momentum. The reality is that such a model does not apply to most travellers around the world who don’t have plenty of vacations and who, when they travel, want to enhance their experiences, transportation, comfort, pleasure and above all their money.


Therefore, we believe that properly planning a trip is the best way to enjoy it. This reasoning logic is implemented through two principles: organizational optimization and budget optimization. Here’s the recipe on this nice chart.

Travel Optimization

Less stress, more fun and more Wonderlust for the same amount of time and budget!


The time and effort invested before the trip potentially saves more time and effort during the trip, while reducing regrets. You get it: operational and budget optimization go hand in hand!


On this page, I provide you with answers to your travel savings needs, valuable travel tips to inspire you and help you better plan your future adventures.


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